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We Repair All Foreign and Domestic Makes and Models at Our 13,500 Square Foot Indoor Facility. ABS shop uses original-equipment replacement parts, but we can offer quality aftermarket cosmetic panels and other ways to economize. That's especially important if you elect not to refer the repair to your insurance company. Our shop holds certifications from ASE and I-CAR Platinum. At ABS Auto Repair, our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction. We want happy satisfied customers!

If making a claim is what you needed, we’ll contact your insurance company and arrange for an appraiser to inspect your car. We’ll also arrange for a low-cost car rental, or loan you one of our cars. We will also direct you to the right towing company. Most importantly, we’ll work with the insurer to get the repair done right. Your vehicle will handle as it did before the accident and maintain its value. We help to makes the entire process as easy for you as possible... It’s what we do, every day.