HM CSL Yellow Daytime Running Light LED Module Set - G22 4-Series | G80 M3 | G82 / G83 M4

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The new BMW M4 CSL boasts a unique feature in the form of motorsport yellow daytime running lights, which draw inspiration from the appearance of GT racing cars. The BMW Laserlight headlights that house these yellow running lights from Horizon Motorsport add a touch of the racetrack to the front of the car. The angular daytime running lights illuminate in yellow instead of white during the welcome sequence upon unlocking the doors, as well as when the low and high beam headlights are turned on.

These provide a straightforward plug-and-play solution tailored for G8X M3 & M4 models featuring laser or LED headlights. The installation process is as follows: first, remove your heatsink, followed by the OEM DRL. Then, apply fresh thermal adhesive to the rear side of the HM CSL DRL boards and proceed with the reinstallation. 

Horizon Motorsport offers a 90-day warranty on all HM DRL modules. Starts day of purchase.


- U.S. Spec G8X M3 / M4 with Laserlight (11-pin low beam DRL connector)

- Non-U.S. Spec G8X M3 / M4 with Laserlight (9-pin low beam DRL connector)

- G8X M3 / M4 with standard LED Headlights (There is no difference between U.S. and EU LED headlights)

- U.S. Spec G2X 4-Series w/ Laserlight (11-pin low beam DRL connector)

Set includes low-beam and high beam LED boards for both driver and passenger side headlights.


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