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With Status Gruppe’s goal to produce every CSL style part for the E46 M3 we would like to introduce our FRP CSL Front bumper for the E46 M3. Some things you will notice about our bumper is they use the built in reinforcement/mounting just like the OEM CSL and they have a completely different front CF splitter system.

FRP stands for Fiber-reinforced Plastic. FRP is widely used in Automotive applications mainly because of it excellent Strength, weight savings and Elasticity.

Our CSL bumper is a direct fit for aluminum bumper equipped M3 (2001 and early 2002) If you have a Kevlar Bumper equipped M3 (Late 2002- 2006) you will need the parts listed below.


Update: As of January 2019 all bumper now come standard with tow hook provisions that re-use your factory tow cover. 


We are offering our “CSL Style” Bumper in 3 versions:

A. Standard CSL Version (with intake hole)

B. Shaved CSL Version (without intake hole)

C. Dual Intake Hole CSL Version (with x2 intake holes)


Available Carbon Weaves Patterns:


** Note ** 1 Piece CF lip is available as upgrade option. 1 Piece CF Lip will only fit our CSL-Style Front bumper.

** Note ** International shipping rates on larger items (Trunk lids, Bumpers, Muffler) may be incorrect during check out. We reserve the right to change the shipping price to accurately reflect the actual price for shipping at the time of order. **

If fitting this bumper to a Kevlar bumper equipped M3 you will need the following parts

kevlar bar bumper requires these for retrofit:
qyt1 SHOCK ABSORBER FRONT LEFT 8 KM/H = 5 MPH 1 11/2001 51118195301
qyt1 SHOCK ABSORBER FRONT RIGHT 8 KM/H = 5 MPH 1 11/2001 51118195302
qyt1 WINDSHIELD CLEANING CONTAINER 1 09/2001 61677892702
qyt1 HEAD LAMP CLEANING DEVICE CONTAINER 1 09/2001 61677892700 (cold weather package only)
qyt1 RUBBER GROMMET  61311369343
qyt1 AIR INTAKE GRILLE  51117895883 (x1 Needed for Standard Version / x2 Needed for Dual hole Version)
qyt2 BODY NUT 3 09/2001 07129901662 (for water bottle)
qyt2 HEX HEAD SCREW ST4,8X19-C-Z2 2 07119916949 (for water bottle)

** Best way to check is to open your hood and look between the bumper and radiator if you see aluminum you have a early bumper car if you see kevlar (CF look) you have a later bumper car.